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Gradventure Info

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Important Gradventure Information:

Date: 5/11/24

Departure Time: 5:30 PM

Please have your child at Rock Lake no later than 5:00PM. Buses will depart promptly at 5:30PM. Students will be assigned to a chaperone and a bus as we need to account for each attendee. They are not required to stay with their group and chaperone. While at the park, students will be allowed to freely roam. The only requirement is that they are in a group of at least 2 people, and they check in with their chaperone no later than half past the hour, EVERY HOUR. NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO WALK THE PARK ALONE. Any student found doing so will lose the privilege and spend the rest of the evening with a chaperone. Please discuss this policy with your child. Additionally, students are allowed to bring money if they would like to purchase personal souvenirs at the park. Students will return at approximately 1:30AM. They will text you once we've left the park.


Health and Safety:

The health services department will be fully staffed throughout the event and extra security will be present. Any prescription medication must be in the original prescription container and only the dosage needed for the student’s visit is allowed. The student’s name must be printed on the label and a valid picture ID is required. Also, students may carry inhalers, EpiPens, insulin and other necessary medications, but proper prescription documentation is required. Please email us at if any arrangements need to be made for your child.

Since Gradventure is a special after-hours school event, we do have a “lock-down” policy. Due to the “lock-down” policy and safety considerations, everyone, including chaperones, will have to stay in the parks until the event ends. Students and chaperones must arrive at Gradventure as a group. In the case of an emergency, the Head Chaperone must escort the student to a designated transfer area and a parent or legal guardian must be present in order for a student to be released from the park. Same applies for chaperones as we need approvals from the Head Chaperone that they are okay to leave.

Dress Code (Per Universal):

Students’ attire should follow SCPS dress code guidelines. Additionally, personal bags should be no more than 8.5” x 5.5” in size (anything larger will be confiscated by park security). IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT STUDENTS WEAR A SCHOOL SHIRT. *Universal Orlando reserves the right to refuse entry into the event or require the purchase of appropriate clothing for non-compliance with the dress code.


Meals Vouchers:

One complimentary meal voucher is included with every admission. Check the Gradventure Event Guide for participating dining locations. Gradventure Meal Vouchers are like cash; do not lose them. Meal Vouchers MUST be redeemed by 11pm the night of the event. Outside food/beverages are NOT ALLOWED Souvenir sipper cups are also available for purchase* with FREE refills throughout the event. *While supply lasts.

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