Rock Lake Middle School is hosting a fundraiser (which will last two weeks), to raise funds for your school. Instead of selling items, families will gather pledges to help your school, while students participate in the Raiders Rally 5K! Our Fun Run includes EVERY student in a fun, fitness event while helping our school raise much-needed funds. 

Our Raiders Rally 5K is a virtual race. You decide how you want to run the 5K……Run on a treadmill, around your neighborhood, or any course of your choosing. You can break up your 3.1 miles over multiple days or run/walk it all at once. It’s Your Race, Your Pace, & Your Place!

* * * Technically, all students will have completed the 5K just by walking to classes over a two week period, but shhhhhh…..let’s not tell them that.

students and track their progress during the fundraising events. Students can track their progress by doing the following :

  • to log pledges for your child.

  • Reach out to sponsors. Every student’s goal is to connect with 10 sponsors. And with’s smart sharing features, reaching out to sponsors is easier than ever. The easiest way to get pledges is to simply click the Facebook share button on your student’s pledge page. Plus, with a few clicks you can create a custom Student Star video to share on social media. You can also use the Easy E-mailer to connect with friends and family. As you gather pledges, be sure to record each sponsor’s e-mail address so they have the opportunity to easily pay for your student’s pledge online via credit card.

  • Raise $50 or more- Receive invitation to Raiders Rally! The Raiders Rally is a fun during school event. YES, you are EXCUSED from class! Games, music, food, & more!

  • Please visit the sign up link if you would like to volunteer. You must be a registered SCPS dividend to attend

This year 90% of all funds raised stay at Rock Lake!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

* * * Bonus: If you own a business & select business sponsor, you can put your company name and website in there and it will show on the business leader board for all parents to see. Great advertising opportunity!!